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Can Effective Social Media Increase Your Business?

July 31, 2010

Recently Old Spice took a leap of  faith and dived off into the world of social media by taking their Isaiah Mustafa character to the web.  Old Spice recently crafted a series of live spots personalized to the audience and better yet the individual.

The campaign, which stars The Most Interesting Man in the World 2.0 Isaiah Mustafa, launched in February centered around the theme “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.”  Mustafa was on deck for a day of filming to personally answer cunsomers questions in real time via facebook, Yahoo and twitter. The series of random questions ranged from questions from Ellen DeGeneres to Mustafa proposing to his girlfriend.  These videos collectively have been viewed a total of 75 million times and growing.

The campaign was a social media success because it spioke directy to the viewers.  The question that everyone wants to know is will this social media history making event equate to dollars?  Well Proctor & Gamble the company that owns Old Spice aong with Weiden+Kennedy who were comissioned to develop this work are riding high while the numbers begin to pour in.  It appears as though they have already experienced a —- increase in the last quarter of businesss.

I recently found a few businesses that have found theit social media voice and have leveraged it to social media success.

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