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Say Hello to Good Buys!

August 7, 2010

Some off us make purchases throughout the year, without realizing that there are certain times when it’s more advantageous to by things.  By advantageous I mean, it could save you money.  In these challenging economic times it’s important to save as much money as possible.  A great way to insure that you are saving funds and getting the biggest bank to make that dollar stretch is to know the best times to buy.  I’ve compiled a list of a few items and the best time to make purchases.


Best Time to Buy: Early morning or late evening on a weekday.

Reason: Time your trip based on whether prices are rising or falling.  Gas stations tend to change their prices between 10 a.m. and noon, so hit the pump in the early morning if gas prices are on the rise. Go later in the day if prices are falling. Try not to buy gas on the weekends.  Gas prices are often slightly elevated, as stations try to profit from leisure travelers.


Best Time to Buy: Sunday evenings.

Reason: Store sales tend to run Wednesday through Tuesday.  On Sunday, you’ll also have the latest round of manufacturer’s coupons from your morning paper.  You can maximize your coupons available for that shopping week. Heading to the store close to closing time means you’ll have access to sales on fresh items that must be sold by the end of the day, such as meats and baked goods.


Best Time to Buy: During a holiday weekend.

Reason: You’ll find sales on select models all year long, but retailers bring out the big guns for holiday weekends.  Smaller holidays like Columbus Day and President’s Day have their share of sales, too.

Computers and Electronics

Best Time to Buy: Just after a new model is launched.

Reason: When the latest and greatest of a product is released, you’ll often see prices drop on what had previously been the best thing out there.

Airplane Tickets

Best Time to Buy: On a Wednesday, 21 days (or a couple of days earlier) before your flight.

Reason: Airlines make major pricing changes (and run fare sales) every week, typically on Tuesday evenings and Wednesday mornings. About 21 days out from your flight, you’ll see plenty of deals out there as airlines try to fill seats.  Don’t wait much longer, she cautions; prices jump significantly from 14 to seven days ahead of departure.

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