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The Evolution of Curves is Coming!

September 6, 2010

It all started for Sandy Jean-Philippe in 2006 at Florida Agricultural Mechanical University (“FAMU”) in Tallahassee, Florida.  The auditorium was dark but you could tell the stands were filled from the [sound of something].  What seemed like bursts of light from the rafters FAMU dancers exploded on stage to a loud applause and began to move in unison to the bass blaring from the speakers. But out of nowhere came Sandy, taking the stage as if she owned it and belonged there, hitting dance moves with precision as the crowd erupted into pandemonium.  Everyone jumped out of their seats to show their amazement and admiration for the fluid moves of this Haitian born dancer, who many would refer to as a “Big Girl”.  But that night, Sandy became more than a “Big Girl” with dancing skills, but rather a statement that spoke loudly saying… “The Evolution of Curves is coming!”

The curve evolution did not always look like dancing although Sandy always had a love for dance.  She was slated to be a Lawyer.  In pursuit of her Sandy decided to make a change and graduating with a degree in Public Administration, but it wouldn’t be long before the spark that was ignited after her jaw dropping college dance debut would start a fire within Sandy that led to her love of producing and entertaining.  Moving West to Los Angeles to pursue her passion in the topsy turvy world of entertainment, one thing was consistent.  Sandy was unable to find stylish clothes to fit her curves.  Looking past the “Mumu” as she calls it of old, Sandy was looking to make a fashion statement.  Unable to find the items that spoke to her style she decided to create it.

Majestic Couture Sandy’s clothing line was birthed out of necessity.  To highlight her line as well as other designer for full figured women (the average size for a woman in the U.S. is a size 14). Sandy called on some help from her friends, as well as some new friends from auditions held in L.A. to find the 15 gorgeous full-figured plus size models.   the show is currently touring along with her team of models/dancers who continue to dazzle crowds with an explosive high energy fashion exhibit and performance!  Forever 21 recently joined the tour as the title sponsor introducing their new “Faith 21 Extended Size” collection.  Hip Hop Weekly Magazine also came on board as media sponsor. Other lines that have been featured in the show are Arturo Rios Couture Hats, My Hunny by Sheena Turner and Fashion Bug.  The show has gone from Beverly Hills, to Miami to Las Vegas and now by popular demand has detoured and will make a trip back to Los Angeles before heading out to do the Atlanta and New York show.  Although she is considered a plus size model, Sandy wants everyone to know that she doesn’t promote obesity but, she promotes beauty in whatever frame you are in. “The desire is to show girls and women of all sizes that you may like to eat potatoes, but that doesn’t mean you’re a couch potato” said Sandy.  She wants to encourage ladies that you can start today living a healthier lifestyle and be beautiful from the inside out.

Speaking with Sandy opened my eyes to many things, but before we ended our conversation, she wanted to make sure we remembered Haiti.  Her message was simple, don’t forget people are still affected and living in tents.  Her goal is ambitious, to build a house for a family by Thanksgiving.  This goal can be realized with our help.  Sandy’s organization C.A.T.C.H. (Changing Attitudes To Change Humanity) has partnered with the Haiti Cherie Heritage Foundation Find out how your efforts can make a difference.

Experiencing “The Evolution of Curves” on September 23, 2010 when the lovely ladies bless Atlanta with their presence.  Serving as the Kick Off  to the Atlanta Football Classic, with other guest such as Ciara and Keri “Ms. Keri Baby” Hilson.

Also check out Sandy’s One Chance Entertainment to find her and other full figured models.

Click here to witness the “Evolution of Curves” in motion!

Check for tour dates here.

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