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Coupon 2.0: Saving Big Using Technology

You may be asking…So why do you need a class to save money?

There are a plethora of websites, workshops and other tools popping up everywhere to educate consumers on how to stretch their dollars by using coupons. Even social media sites like facebook have jumped on the bandwagon to offer discounts to people who friend or follow them.  These classes are popping up everywhere. Cost range from free to about $25 bucks. (list of the classes in the South East states)

What do they teach?


Where can I find coupons? / How to find sales?

The art of matching coupons to store sales

A list of all the top couponing website.

How to effectively use coupons


Envelope System

Can I really feed my family of 4, 5, or even 6 on $50 a week?

Organize and store your coupons. (There is an art to this)

a storage box

The binder method

Coupon Lingo:

B1G1 or BOGO — Buy one get one free.

CAT or Catalina — Coupon that prints at the register after your purchase is complete.

MIR — Mail-in rebate

Peelie — Coupon sticker on a product; must be peeled off to redeem

What are some of the best places to go to find online coupons?

(remember the classes will give you tips on finding the best sites, but here are a few popular ones)

-You can print coupons online. <> has online coupons and the web site <> has the Target Coupon Generator Tools

Coupon Generator-Using the generator, you can type in the number of coupons you need. Another place to find manufacturer’s coupons online is <> .

-You can get coupons at the register with your receipt when you check out at a store. These coupons are known as Catalina coupons. through and save an added 40% on any restaurant gift certificate order. (Shoppers pay $6 for a $25 gift certificate, instead of the regular – already discounted – rate of $10.) Ongoing deal.

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